Highwood Dayhome

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The Dayhome

  1. How many children do you care for?

    I always strive to have a full capacity dayhome, while staying in the Alberta regulations of a maximum of six children.

  2. Who are your current enrollments?

    We currently have:

    B, age 1

    B, age 3

    B, age 3

    G, age 3

    B, age 4

  3. What are your hours?

    7:00-5:00, Monday to Friday

  4. Do you have any pets?

    We are in the process of aquiring a few dayhome pets. We currently have a bunny, a salamander and a few fish who teach us responsibility and empathy.

  5. Are you peanut-free?

    Sorry, we are a peanut friendly dayhome.

  6. I need a later pick-up. Can you accommodate me?

    No, sorry. Family responibilities require that all children have left the home prior to 500pm.

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  1. Do you do before and after school care?

    No, sorry. We believe school age children should be with their peers.

  2. Will you transport my child to/from preschool?

    We do not do any school transport. We believe the children should have a stress free, relaxed day and school runs do not allow for that.

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Dayhome at a Glance

  1. What play items do you have?

    Sensory Play- Ball Pit, two sensory tables (water, sand, beans, moondough, slime, rice)

    Dramatic Play- House (always changing), costumes, puppet theatre, babies

    Reading Corner- Books, small recliners

    Math/ Science Center- Weights and Scales, Magnifying Glasses, Test Tubes and Beakers, Shapes and Cards

    Building Fun- Train Table, Soft Blocks, Hard Blocks, Tinker Toys, Logs, Legos.

    Molding Centre- Playdough, Moondough, Water Sand, and all the extras

    Arts and Crafts- Easels, smocks, paints, crayons, glue, glitter, scissors, paper, beads and brads, sequinces, pom-poms, stickers, stamps...

  2. What does your daily schedule look like?

    7-9     Arrivals/ Free Play/ Breakfast

    9-11       Learning Centers

    11-12     Appetite boosting backyard play

    12          Lunch/ Wash/ Cartoon

    1-3        Naps/ Rest

    3-5    Afternoon Snack/ Outdoor Time (park/ walks/yard)

  3. What about meals?

    Breakfast, served at 8am, is generally cereal, outmeal, toast or muffins and fruit. Afternoon snack is a vegetable plate with an apetizer type food (cheese and crackers, breads and dips).

    We serve a large 'dinner' lunch- protein, starch and veg, with a small dessert.

    Everything from my kitchen is made from scratch, from chicken fingers and mac n' cheese to breads and pasta to dips and jams.

    All of our produce comes from the local farmers market.

  4. What are your discipline methods?

    Positive Reinforcement, often

    Redirection, often

    Time-Outs, rarely

    Parental Involvement, as a last resort

  5. Is my child required to nap?

    All children are required to participate in our quiet time. If your child has outgrown his nap, he has outgrown our program.

    At no time shall a sleepy child be required to stay awake at the parents request.

  6. How often do you take the children outside?

    We visit the great outdoors everyday, with the exception of a few awful wintery days.

    In the spring we bbq and play for whole afternoons in the yard, and in the summer we picnic and spend the majority of our day outside.

  7. Do you take vacation or sick days?

    In the event I will take a known holiday or a personal day a suitable substitute caregiver is provided for the dayhome. She will possess, at a minimum, childcare level 1, first-aid in childcare, daycare experience and excellent references.

    I have never closed due to illness, that's what movie days are for.

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  1. Do you offer subsidy?

    We are a private dayhome and therefore cannot offer subsidy.

  2. Do you provide receipts?

    Yes. Year-end receipts are issued in January.

  3. Do you offer refunds for missed days due to illness/ holiday?

    No. Fees are due regardless of attendance, you are paying for the position.

  4. When are fees due?

    Fees are due at drop-off on the first of the month. Parents may pay in two installments if they prefer (1rst and 15th).

  5. Is a Deposit Required?

    A non-refundable holding fee, equal to two weeks care, is required upon enrollment to secure your child's spot. It will be credited towards the last two weeks of care.

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About Me

  1. Do you have any training?

    I am currenty working on my Early Learning Childhood Diploma (ELCC Level 3)

  2. Do you have First-Aid?

    I have a current first-aid certificate in childcare.

  3. Anything Else?

    Clean criminal record check with vulnerable sector search and excellent references.

  4. How long have you been open?

    Highwood Dayhome has been open for twelve years.

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